Facebook for Dating?

The social network Facebook has traditionally been targeted towards family and friends that you already know or have met in person, but a new feature being rolled out allows friends to “Ask” about information not visible in your profile. As the network grows, more and more introductions are taking place online, and friend lists have evolved to include casual acquaintances and friends of friends. While the new feature is still limited to only those who you’ve already accepted as a Facebook “friend”, recent changes (such as the ability to self-identify using 50 different gender options) are causing some to speculate that the social network may be evolving away from its more intimate origins. Asking a Facebook friend about their relationship status (and even being given the opportunity to explain why) is likely to indicate clearer signs of interest than simply “poking” them. How do you feel about the new feature? Do you think Facebook should experiment with more features oriented towards those who wish to make new friends and potential dates? How would you feel if your random Facebook friend inquired about your relationship status?

Facebook to allow users to “Ask” about relationship status

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